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General questions about the site


Is legitimate?

Absolutely. When you buy tickets using, you're buying legitimate tickets for real events, and the tickets are guaranteed to arrive in time for your event. Tickets listed on are being sold by reputable, established ticket sellers in the secondary market.

If something ever does go wrong with your order, we'll work to make it right. We offer a money-back guarantee if:

Your tickets are not delivered.

Your order is accepted but the tickets are shipped too late for the tickets to arrive in time for the event.

You're denied entry to the event because of your tickets.

We even offer 100% of your money back if your event is cancelled (not rescheduled; if your event is rescheduled, your ticket will be honored for the rescheduled date). For more specifics on our guarantees, please visit our terms page.


Is safe?

Yes, is a safe and secure website. Transactions on the site are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard in security technology protecting online transactions. SSL creates a secure connection between the web server and your browser, so your private information stays private, and you can feel safe making your purchase.

When you click on any "Buy Tickets" button, you'll see that you're brought to our secure checkout. You'll see "https://" in front of the URL instead of the normal "http://." Most browsers also show a lock graphic next to the URL to indicate that the page is secure.


Where do all these tickets come from?

The ticket listings displayed on are tickets being offered for sale by various established ticket sellers in the secondary market, and are legitimate tickets to real events. The sellers get these tickets from various sources, such as venues, event promoters, performers, and teams, so they can make them available to you.


How can I contact

You can get in touch with us by emailing us at:



Choosing Your Tickets

Questions that pop up as you browse tickets

How do I find the tickets I want?

1 Find your event! You can look through links to popular events on our site's pages, or you can search for your event using the "search for tickets" box at the top right of the site. You can search the venue, the city the event is taking place in, or the name of the performer, team, or play.

2 Once you've found your event, take a look at the dates, times, and venues for which there are available tickets. Click the header of a column in the event listing table to sort the results by that column.

3 When you see the date, time, and location you want, click the "view tickets" link next to it to see the ticket groups available, along with pricing information and an interactive seating chart to help you figure out where you want to sit!

4 When you find the perfect tickets, hit the "Buy" button to start the checkout process. It's simple and secure! Just follow the instructions and enter the required information.


Are certain tickets available for will call, email, or local pick-up?

Tickets that are available for special delivery methods will explicitly state it on the ticket listing notes, or will list these methods as delivery options during checkout.

If there is no note on the ticket listing that one of these methods is available, and these methods do not show up in the delivery options dropdown menu in the checkout, then these particular tickets can't be delivered via these methods.


Why are similar tickets different prices?

Tickets listed on are being sold by various different independent sellers, and each seller sets their own prices based on what they think is a reasonable price for a given ticket. Different sellers have different ideas about how best to price their tickets, and you will see that reflected in the ticket listings, with tickets in the same section listed at varying prices.


Where are the seat numbers in the ticket listings?

You'll see section and row numbers listed on the ticket listings on TicketStarz, but individual seat numbers are not listed. Here's why:

Numerous people are buying tickets listed on at any given time. If each individual seat was listed specifically, multiple people would be trying to buy the exact same seats at the exact same time. That would lead to more rejected orders, and it would make buying tickets really frustrating.

So instead, groups of tickets are listed in certain sections and rows without individual seat numbers, minimizing these potential issues.

This method of listing tickets without specific seat numbers also allows sellers to distribute tickets efficiently according to available space and the number of tickets each person has ordered.



Do certain seats have a partial view?

When sellers who list on our exchange have tickets designated by the venue as partial, obstructed, or limited view, they are required to indicate that in their ticket listing notes. So, unless the notes on a group of tickets indicate that the view is obstructed, your seats are considered by the venue to have a full view.

What does it mean if tickets are advertised as possibly being in more than one row or section?

Some sellers choose to list tickets as being in multiple sections or rows to allow them greater flexibility in fulfilling orders. The tickets you receive could be for any seat within the listed range, so you should only purchase tickets from these groups if you would be happy with any seat that falls within that range.


What does "paperless ticket" mean?

Paperless ticketing means that the credit card used to purchase a ticket directly from the venue must be scanned at the venue to gain entry to an event. This means that, when you arrive at the venue, you need to have the credit card the seller used when he or she bought the tickets that were then resold to you. This can be achieved by the seller arranging for a representative to meet you at the venue with the card, or by the seller purchasing the tickets using a gift card that can be mailed to you. The method used is at the discretion of the seller.



Buying Your Tickets

Questions about pricing and checkout


Can you place tickets on hold?

Tickets listed on this site are not the property of TicketStarz; they belong to independent ticket sellers who list their inventory on our exchange. Therefore, we at TicketStarz are not able to hold specific tickets for customers.

Why can't I purchase a certain quantity of tickets?

The different ticket groups you see listed on are being sold by different sellers, each of whom may have a different number of tickets to offer for your event. If you're looking at a ticket group being sold by a seller who only has 5 tickets left, you can't buy 6 tickets from that group. Similarly, sellers usually don't want to be left with one single ticket (Who wants to go to a concert alone?), so depending on the quantity they have, they sometimes only offer certain groupings of tickets to avoid ending up with one left over.





Are there taxes on these tickets?

Depending on where the seller of your tickets is located, there may be taxes on your ticket order. Taxes on tickets vary widely between states, and are subject to frequent change, which is why they can't be calculated on our site for you. Some locations where taxes on tickets apply are California, Chicago, Michigan, Texas, and Canada.


Do prices go up or down as the event gets closer?

Tickets listed on TicketStarz are priced by various independent sellers, who may adjust their prices as events get closer depending on the demand for tickets to a given event. There's no way to predict with certainty what the ticket prices for a given event will do as the event date nears. However, there will be fewer tickets to choose from the closer the event gets, so you should definitely factor that into your decision on when to buy!


Can I cancel my ticket order?

All orders are final; there are no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges. The sellers who list tickets on our online exchange are not able to cancel orders for refunds. Because of the uniquely time-sensitive nature of tickets, they can't be readily returned and resold like other merchandise.


Why did the seller reject my ticket order?

Occasionally, due to the nature of the online marketplace, multiple requests may come in for the same set of tickets before the ticket seller is able to remove the listing from appearing on our site. When this happens, if there are no suitable alternate tickets to offer, the seller may be forced to reject one of the orders.


Why am I charged a delivery fee for will call or local pickup of tickets?

The fee for will call and local pickup orders covers the costs that sellers incur while using these near-term delivery methods, such as paying an employee to drive to the venue or to meet you at the local pickup location.


Is my transaction safe?

Yes. The TicketStarz website is secure; transactions on the site are protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.


Getting Your Tickets

Shipping and tracking questions


When will my tickets be shipped?

Tickets will be shipped when available. Most orders are shipped the same business day and delivered within 3 business days, but in some cases your tickets may take longer to ship or you may receive an email as most tickets are available for download and print.  

After your order is completed, you'll receive the information you'll need to view the status of your order, as well as tracking information if it's available. If tracking information is not available, you can contact the seller of your tickets to ask for an estimated delivery date, using the contact information you were given after your order is completed.


About Your Tickets

Questions about tickets you received

Why is someone else's name on my ticket?

The independent ticket sellers who list tickets on our exchange are part of the secondary ticketing market. This means that they purchase the tickets from the primary market (that is, from the box office or venue itself), before selling them through TicketStarz. The name on your ticket is the name of a representative from the ticket seller's office who purchased the ticket originally. Don't worry - having someone else's name on the ticket will not prevent you from getting in the event! As long as there is a valid bar code on the ticket, the ticket is valid for entry to the event.


What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

In general, tickets are one-of-a-kind and should be considered to be irreplaceable. So we strongly urge customers to take good care of their tickets - When you know you'll be getting tickets delivered, double check that pile of junk mail before you throw it out! Once you've received your tickets, be sure to keep them in a safe, secure place where they won't be at risk of getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

If your tickets are lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can contact your ticket seller to see if it's possible for them to provide replacements. It's by no means certain that this will be an option, but it can't hurt to check. Please be aware that sellers may charge fees for replacing tickets.


Why did I receive tickets printed out on paper?

This happens when the seller of your tickets received them in email format from the primary ticket source from which the tickets were purchased. So, the seller prints out the emailed ticket and sends it to you. These tickets are just as valid as any other ticket, and will grant you access to the event.

Why is the price on my tickets different from the price I paid for them?

TicketStarz is an online marketplace for event tickets sold on the secondary market. Ticket sellers who list their inventory on our online exchange are responsible for pricing their tickets. Individual sellers may choose to price their tickets above or below face value, which is the price you see printed on the tickets.

In addition to the ticket price, your order also includes a delivery fee, as well as applicable taxes. These fees are calculated for you during the checkout process, so you can see the ticket price, the delivery fee amount, and the total price of your order before you complete your purchase.


Event Cancellations and Postponements

Questions about event scheduling issues


What if an event is cancelled?

If your event is cancelled entirely with no rescheduled date, you should contact your seller directly for a 100% refund (excluding shipping fees). Please note that you may be required to return the tickets to the seller in order to obtain a refund.

If your event is rescheduled, you tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.

What if an event is postponed?

If an event is postponed, your tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.

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